Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Running for good.

We've talked about this right? I'm running a 1/2 marathon in a few weeks (9.5 to be exact!) and, while I know it's not a big deal for lots of people, it seems like a big deal to me. 

  In late high school and college, I loved running and did it often. Then I had babies and a pocketful of excuses and just, well, stopped running as much. So because of that, running 13.1 miles seems like a big deal.

  But even more, it's a big deal because I'm not doing it in vain or just to prove something to myself. I'm running so that kiddos in Africa can have clean water, walk to school instead of to get clean water, have better health, and have HOPE. No small things, right?

I'm running the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon with Team World Vision on November 4th and raising money along the way. For every $50 collected, we can help get clean water to one person. Let's do this! Even the smallest donations add up quickly and every one give me extra motivation to rise before the sun and log my training miles.

  So here I am, asking YOU to donate! It takes such little sacrifice from us to create lasting around the globe. Isn't that amazing??

Want to have an even BIGGER impact? Tell a friend! Run with me! Host a Noonday Collection trunk show or simply shop online- because I'm donating my commission from all sales made September-November to World Vision. Guys, that's a LOT of potential donations from gathering your friends and shopping (early Christmas gifts!).

Email me or head to my World Vision page to make a donation!

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