Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mother's Day ideas.

  Have any idea what you're gifting the moms in your life this Mother's Day? It's such a fun chance to bless any mom you know. Your mom, a mom friend, your sister who is a mom, or just a woman in your life who has loved you well. I put together some fun Noonday Collection bundles at a discount for everyone who wants to gift accessories this Mother's Day, but also wanted to round up some of my other favorite gifts to give! Scroll to the bottom of the post to see the Noonday deals 😊

Noonday Collection// Want to gift a curated set of accessories that have been handmade by and support other mother's around the globe at the very same time? I'm offering lots of fun ones at a discount! You can find them all at the bottom of this post- be sure to shoot me an email (katie DOT n DOT rush@gmail.com) to get your order in before the May 1st shipping cut off.

prayer journal// I tell everyone about these pretty and functional journals. An amazing gift for any mom or girlfriend in your life

jones market print// On a budget? These little prints are adorable! Just pop on in a simple frame, pair with some yummy chocolates, and you have the sweetest gift for sisters, moms, friends, etc. 

flowers// I'm a sucker for fresh blooms. Potted plants, bud vases, or even delivered bouquets just make everyone smile! I especially love to use Bouqs when I'm sending flowers- they're affordable but also just really, really pretty flowers. 

write a note// I've literally never heard of someone disliking a handwritten note. Write a sweet note to the moms in your life this year! 

photo book// I've started a little tradition of gifting Justin an accordion mini every Father's day and I love that they are compact and uniform. They don't take up much space and they are great to collect over the years. Photo printing sites have a gagillion options these days for compiling photos into big, small, hard or soft cover, predesigned or even custom books. They are also pretty inexpensive! Photo books are an especially great idea for grandparents!

handmade art// Just about every mom/grandma loves handmade art from their kiddos and a simple google search will give you lots of ideas!

custom art// This is one of my favorites on the list! How cute is that heart photo collage? Bonus: it's really well done. Minted.com (and others sites, I'm sure!) have a ton of ideas for creating professional quality gifts with a personal touch. They'll even mat/frame it for you!

pampering/girls dinner// Head to the spa, a movie, or just a fun local Mother's Day brunch. Most cities put on special events just for this occasion and they are (in my experience!) always worth the price to be served and pampered and celebrate!

cooking class// We booked a cooking class for my mom's 60th birthday this past December and it was so much fun. As in, I can't stop talking about it. If you're in the Indy area, I love this place. Most major cities have similar options and they are hands down one of the most fun things I've ever done with my mom and sisters! Not into cooking? You could try a Board & Brush class!

(Interested in a Mother's Day bundle? Email me to snag one today!)

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