Monday, February 6, 2017

What is Noonday Collection?

  This post has been a long time coming! I've been posting more and more about Noonday Collection and that has meant more questions or skeptical looks from friends. I know home-businesses are all the rage these days and Noonday isn't quite as popular as those shakes or clothing lines- so I wanted to answer some of the questions I keep getting. It's a bit long-winded, but guys, I can't tell you how wonderful Noonday is and how I 100% believe that every single person reading this will love it, if they don't already!

What exactly is Noonday Collection?

   In one sentence? Noonday Collection is a socially responsible business that uses fashion to create meaningful opportunities around the world. 

  But to be more specific, Noonday Collection designs and sells a collection of accessories made by artisans around the globe. As a socially conscious Certified B cooperation (that's a big deal!), Noonday partners with artisans to help create sustainable incomes, preserve families (orphan prevention!), and create change around the world in communities that need it most. Don't be fooled though. Noonday doesn't give artisans a handout- they work hard and are crazy talented. The jewelry and accessories sold by Noonday Collection are truly beautiful, well made, and each carries its own story of social justice, empowerment, and hope. 

  You can purchase all Noonday accessories in only two ways- directly online or through in-person Trunk Shows. Trunk shows are vital to the success of our artisans because they create real life marketplaces for their work to be sold. When you open your home (or local happy hour spot) to a Trunk show, you create a place for artisans living in some of the most vulnerable communities around the world. Their stories are told and your friends are given a real, tangible chance to use their purchasing power for good. In addition, Trunk Shows can serve as adoption fundraisers for anyone you know who may be in the process of adoption! And after your Trunk Show, you keep the good work going by sending out all those ladies who now quite literally wear the stories of our artisans and can pass along the mission and heartbeat of Noonday Collection! More Trunk Shows are hosted, and more work is created for our artisans. All of that means families are preserved, positive change is created, and more dignified jobs are offered!

Lots of my friends post about their 'home business' on social media. How is Noonday different?

  I can't sell you products that will clean your house naturally or help you lose weight or colorful leggings (all of those are great!). But, as a Noonday Collection Ambassador, I can sell you something that will help to change the world. I'll go out on a limb and guess that you already regularly buy accessories for yourself or as gifts. Noonday Collection simply offers you a unique way to continue doing that while also making the world a better place. I think that's what we call a win-win? :) 

  Noonday Collection is also not a real Mid Level Marketing company- I am not trying to recruit people to work for me so that I can make money off of them. There is a 'sisterhood' mentality where there is a chance to become a team and work together, but it isn't a pyramid and there are not gold, diamond, or platinum levels. Just women cheering each other on, both here in the US and across the world. So, in a nutshell, it's not a scheme to be wary of. 

Why do you talk about it so much?

  I am intentionally taking time off from my career in full-time social work while my boys are little (I will be so excited to go back when they're in school!). Even still, I want to do something. To impact social change and share with others how they can, too. So I joined Noonday as an Ambassador! It is the best outlet for continuing my passions while also providing a little of income for my family.

 As a licensed social worker, I am so passionate about social justice and doing something. Just having knowledge isn't enough- how we react and use that knowledge is what really matters. Noonday Collection embodies that. Problems have been identified around the world (human trafficking, orphan crisis, lack of living wages in developing countries, etc) and Noonday provides a tangible way to address those problems- giving dignified work to artisans and selling gorgeous accessories to women who have purchasing power. 

  You have purchasing power. And I do mean the specific you that is reading this, not the collective anyone who happens on this page. No matter what your income, you buy things at some level. You give gifts and fill your home. That's a good thing! On a similar note, there is nothing safer than jewelry- it is literally one size fits all! And the very reason I talk about Noonday Collection when I have the chance. Because I want to encourage you to use your purchasing power for good, to help create a flourishing world! Noonday Collection is just one way to do that and I don't hesitate to share lots of others too :)

I get it, Noonday is doing good stuff. I'll keep liking your photos, but I'll pass on hosting my own Trunk show, ok?

  I get it. It's always a bit awkward to invite your friends over to spend money. Especially when you get 10 messages a month asking you to host some sort of party or try some sort of new product a friend is selling. And you can't say yes to them all, right? 

  This is where I want you to really hear that our artisans around the world truly depend on women just like you to open their homes, invite their friends in, and shop Noonday Collection. We don't sell in stores or do online Trunk Shows- those both take away from the dignity and real stories of our hardworking artisans! It may seem insignificant to sell 5 necklaces to your friends, but it is not. Every single sale matters and every chance to tell the stories makes an absolute difference! In the Noonday community, we throw around the term 'better together' a lot- and we mean it. We need you! It takes so little effort and makes an incredible impact. 

  But really? Trunk Shows are also fun. They aren't like other 'home parties' you've been too and you are opening the doors for friends to hear about social justice or ethical fashion in a way they never have before!  Plus, you'll earn free stuff! Trunk shows are a beautiful way to invite your neighbors, your coworkers AND your people into a mission that matters. They are a space to step out behind our screens and into the reality that we are more alike than different. Host your own Trunk Show and see!

  And if you know a local family adopting, let me know! We can make any Trunk Show an adoption fundraiser. SO FUN! Even more, if you're interested in becoming an Ambassador- let's chat. You don't have to be on my team (I don't have a team!), I'd just really love to chat with you about the heartbeat of Noonday and how wonderful it is to work alongside a company making real changes in the world. 

  Ok, I'm super impressed with anyone that read through this entire post. But I hope it helped you understand Noonday Collection (and why I truly love it) a bit more! I'm becoming a bit braver when it comes to talking about it (I always worry it comes off too sales-y and people will hate that) and committing to encouraging other women to join and host and share the stories of how buying jewelry can make a difference around the world. It's as simple as that!

  If you want to host a show or learn more about how you can get involved, let me know! And if you're in the Indy area, I'm hosting a fun Galentine's party this month to say thank you to all my girlfriends who have supported Noonday! Please come and bring some friends! I will be giving away lots of Noonday and non-Noonday stuff. Its a chance to (of course) see the brand new Spring Collection, but mostly just to win some free stuff and eat yummy food because I'm thankful for anyone who has stepped up and helped change the world with Noonday :) Leave a comment or shoot me an email and I'll send you an email with the date and address!


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