Thursday, February 2, 2017

Passing time.

  It's that point in winter where I'm starting to feel antsy. Maybe its because we came home from our tropical vacation to find 50° weather (that only lasted a weekend). Or because the sun has been out for two days straight now. Or maybe it is because all of our winter sicknesses seem to (finally) be fading. But if I'm honest, I probably start to feel like this every year when the calendar flips to February. Either way, I'm itching for Spring and all the Spring things.

 Too bad it's not Spring and it won't be for a looooong time (hi, midwest!). That's not awful, but I still want to find some ways to pass the time until the days become longer and warmer (!!!) and the world seems to come out of hibernation. I don't want to wish time away, so I came up with a little list of ways to happily work through February (how can the shortest month feel like it lasts forever?!). A lot of the things on my list are kid-friendly, but you can do them even if you don't have any little ones running around!
  • make valentines
  • bake/decorate heart cookies
  • go on a date (hey, hey gift cards!)
  • sister's night out
  • family day date (zoo or museum?)
  • take the boys on walks (even when its cold out)
  • pick one room and decorate it with things we already own
  • find homes for new magnolia wreaths
  • 3 morning trips to the gym each week
  • weekly craft with the boys
  • write a letter to our World Vision kiddo
  • host a dinner party or game night with friends
  • host a galentine's party (I'm most excited about this one!)
  • breakfast date with my dad
  • visit my parents
  After looking at my list, I'm already feeling less antsy. Lots of family time, loving on others, and self care to look forward to in February! 


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