Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Best loved. (January)

 I was trying to think of a catchy new way to title my infrequent 'favorite things' posts, so I googled synonyms for the word 'favorite.' Then I realized its silly to spend that much time for a silly blog post title at 20 people will read! So let's just go with 'best-loved' from here on out :)

  Anywaysssss. It's been forever since I've done one of these, but I always love reading posts similar to this and I have lots of things I'm in love with right now. I used to hate winter and dread the months of Jan/Feb because they tend to be blah and the holidays are over and we're all just dying to spend time outside again. But not anymore! I love these in-between months because they're an excuse to be cozy, get creative with how we fill our days, and eat a bit more comfort food. So maybe January is on my best-loved list right now? What do you think- do you dread/love January?? Here's what I'm really loving right now!

  This may be lame and cliche to say, but I love the ages 1 and 2.5. Especially 1! Its hard to remember how Caleb was at this age, so its like discovering all over again with Tyler. He's walking, jabbering, interactively playing, independently playing, and just so stinking fun. Also, a whiner. He's becoming a bit of a whiner, but that's not included in the things I love about 1 year olds!

 Somewhere in the last year, I started having a thing about the pens I use. My current favorite is this colorful set that doesn't bleed, is fine point, and comes in fun colors!

  I'm probably being overly ambitious with my goals to document life in 2017, because I want to try ALL THE THINGS (a video app, physical photo album, and maybe a digital weekly album??). Ok, I am being overly ambitious. But even still, the One Second Everyday app is my favorite and super easy to use and takes no time. A week in and I already love it!

 I had a bigger giftcard leftover from Christmas, so I treated myself to some new leggings. I've had this pair in a cropped style for a few years and know that they wear well (I wore them all through pregnancy and they never stretched out), so I've wanted some full length leggings to wear this winter. These leggings are crazy comfortable, lightweight but still warm, and are high waisted which is really flattering. I will 100% be wearing these 5/7 days this January- no shame.

  We haven't had cable for a long time, so streaming shows/antenna TV is super important in our house. I didn't even realize until I was talking about it with some girlfriends, but I am really loving the free PBS Kids app for Apple TV (and probably other similar streaming devices). Did you know you can watch a handful of episodes from EVERY PBS kids show via the app FOR FREE? You don't need a cable login or subscription. Google it! Its a lifesaver for us when we just HAVE to watch George or Daniel or (our new favorite) The Cat In The Hat.

  After really wanting it for awhile, I finally caved and bought a copy of Grace Not Perfection. I'm only a few chapters in, but guys. It's really good and really affordable and worth picking up if you have $12 (or less if you have Amazon Prime) to spare! (bonus: it's really pretty, too!)

  I sort of stumbled on these tops from Loft when doing some shopping for our beach vacation this month and then realized they were on super clearance, so I snagged one in each color. They came in the mail today and they are perfect- lightweight but not really see-through, mixed media, and it comes in three basic colors (cream, black, pale blue). Since I'm rebuilding my wardrobe, these seem like they'll be staples. They're less than $15 with the extra clearance! (If in between sizes, size down. They run a bit looser! I wear a small and could maybe get away with an XS if I wanted it to be less loose)

  I know everyone loves Spotify, but I'm super late to that game. I still use Pandora and the Jock Jams (for workouts) and Good Morning by Mandisa stations (and Toddler when the boys are playing) are my current favorites.

  Lastly, I am loving morning workouts. Like, really early morning trips to the gym by myself (or with a friend!). When I told Justin I wanted to start doing this as soon as Tyler turned one (aka was done nursing!), it was more as a loose goal and not something I actually thought I would be able to execute. But guys. It's so FUN! Maybe that makes we weird? I'm not obsessed with fitness and I only really get an hour in so I can be home in time for Justin to leave for work, but morning workouts are my jam right now!

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