Monday, December 12, 2016

Family photos. (2016)

 Every year, I debate paying for family photos. It seems so silly to spend any amount of money to pay someone to take pictures I could hypothetically take myself (but I never do). Then we do them and get the proofs back and I remember how wonderful it is to capture each season in life in photographs. 

And to have someone else who is solely focused on capturing my family for an hour instead of it being me chasing everyone around with my camera (which always results in my not being in any frame). The same sequence happened this year- I debated and put off photos for a long  time this fall before contacting Kristen McG. And I LOVE the moments she captured. 

  This exact season of life with two kids two and under is fun. It's busy and hard and sometimes exhausting, but also really silly and funny and sweet. I think the nature of life with little little kids is that its sort of a blur- so these photos are extra special. Some days we collapse into bed and its wonderful to have these sweet reminders of what exactly life is like right now. 

 I love how these photos capture Caleb's 2.5 year old personality and his love for us and Tyler. And the shots of Justin with the boys! And I finally got in front of the camera! So many wonderful things that I know I'll love having in twenty years when these years seem like a blur and distant memory. 

I can't thank Kristen enough for these sweet images! And if you haven't snapped professional photos of your family lately, DO IT! You'd be surprised how affordable they can be and I promise you won't regret it.

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