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Noonday Collection: Trunk show favs.

All photos c/o Noonday Collection
You've probably heard me mention Noonday Collection a lot over the past few years (I love it so much that I decided to become an Ambassador!). And if you haven't, you definitely have heard some of your favorites mention it (IfGathering, Jen Hatmaker, Rachel Hollis, Jamie Ivey, Honey Holden...just to name a few!). Basically, Noonday Collection is wonderful and it seemed about time that I share my favorite things about hosting a trunk show.

All photos c/o Noonday Collection
 My most favorite part of Noonday (and Root Collective and Milk & Honey Tees and Sseko Designs...) is that is gives you a chance to shop for good and with purpose- you are supporting Fair Trade artisans around the globe, contributing to family preservation, and potentially even raising money for a local adoption. All of that happens when you just shop on your own with Noonday or other ethically based companies. But when you host a trunk show, you spread the word and influence others to also shop for good and the impact is multiplied! Noonday Collection artisans depend on the marketplaces that women just like you create in their living rooms and backyards and local coffeehouses!

All photos c/o Noonday Collection
  Over the past few months, I've have had so much fun watching women gather their friends and family and coworkers at a ton of different trunk shows. I can't emphasize different enough. I've seen adoption fundraisers, living room trunk shows, coffee house meet ups, and happy hours in cocktail lounges. Huge groups of over 30 and small gatherings of less than 10. And all are perfect and a ton of fun!
  So anyways, if you've ever been curious about Noonday Collection Trunk Shows, here are my top 5 favorite reasons to host one! If you've hosted a Trunk Show- what was your favorite part?
All photos c/o Noonday Collection
All photos c/o Noonday Collection
A reason to gather. I love a good excuse for a girl's night and a chance to invite all my people to be together. It is so fun to see different circles of friends and family meet each other! I've seen this same thing with my hostesses- they love having their people all together for no other reason than to chat, eat, and shop! It never fails that a handful of women stick around late just laughing and catching up.

Time to be creative. The ideas for fun Trunk Shows are endless! Gone are the days of a boring, standard trunk show where women hear a spiel and walk around a decorative table and then call it a night.  Play date with a purpose, happy hour, brunch, mother- daughter tea, wine night, garden party, Noonday and Nachos, NoonDudes (guys hosting for their friends to Christmas shop for the women in their lives), and then there's the traditional party where the hostess gathers her people every season for a regular trunk show (I have one who hosts a show every year around Christmas to help her friends cross names of their shopping list!). So many great ideas and just truly fun ways to get people excited about your Trunk Show. I've seen a ton of them (happy hour with some rowdy elementary teachers may have been my favorite so far!), but still have a ton I want to try out.

Spread the passion. I love fair trade. I love making a difference. I love encouraging others that they don't need grand gestures or huge life changes to create an impact across the globe- and that's what Trunk Shows do. They spread that passion! My most favorite part of every Trunk Show is seeing ladies catch the excitement of being able to purchase with a big purpose!

Help a friend. Know someone adopting? Noonday Trunk Shows can serve as a fundraiser for any domestic or international adoption! In the last six months, I've helped friends raise over $3000 for different adoptions and that sort of gives me goosebumps. How amazing to be able to take part in helping someone build their family!

And, honestly, get free stuff! Fair trade and adoption and time with people you love are all pretty wonderful. But it's also pretty wonderful to just get free stuff! It's so fun watching hostesses flip through the catalog and fold over pages when they find something beautiful and creating their wishlist. It's even more fun to be able to tell them to start marking stuff off their wishlist when they've earned enough product credit to snag that leather tote or piece of jewelry that was way out of their personal price range!

Ok, surely one of those was reason enough to convince you to start shopping with purpose, attend the next Trunk Show you're invited to, or (even better!) host your own! Let me know if you do!

But in the meantime, don't forget about Mother's day- Noonday has rounded up some good deals and steals for you and any mom in your life.

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