Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday! {weekly round-up}

  Hi, Friday! It doesn't really feel like the weekend around here since Justin is away for a few days. But I've started at new habit of packing our calendars when he's gone so we stay busy and distracted and time flies, so we have lots to look forward to this weekend. I also started a big-ish home project yesterday that should keep me pretty busy/in over my head!
 Here is some weekend reading for you. Happy weekending!

//Need a new show to watch? This one is SO funny!

//Jimmy Fallon and JT for president, amIright?

//Give me all the new Spring things! {especially this, this, and this!!}

//I am saving up for a a new bar necklace with my guys' initials, and this one is my favorite right now.

//You guys, I'm terribly late to this trend but I finally added this and this to my closet.

//This book. I finally finished it and am so excited to put all the tips to use.

//Even though we quit Whole30, we're still looking for lighter recipes. This one is AMAZING and I'm actually made we don't have any more leftovers (and I usually hate leftovers).

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Ashley said...

That bar necklace!! Love it!!! Love your new jacket! Hope you have a great weekend!!