Monday, October 26, 2015

33 weeks. {round two}

  I've found myself daydreaming about this little guy so much lately. Will he look just like Caleb- blonde hair, blue eyes, little dimples, so tiny? Or will he look more like me than Justin? Brown hair and brown eyes? With a first baby, you have no idea or expectations. But this time around I find myself just imagining another little Caleb, since it's all I know. Will he be an amazing sleeper and hardly cry like Caleb? {I'm doubting that one} Or will he be a bit more motivated and adventurous? So many unknowns that I'm excited to discover. 
  And I find myself feeling extra ready for Christmas this year. It's still in the mid-70's around here, which is great. But I'm not dreading cooler weather and could be easily persuaded to put my Christmas tree up right now, even though Halloween hasn't even happened. My doctor assured me last week that we can induce the weekend before Christmas if this little guy still hasn't arrived {6 days after my due date} and I won't have to have a legit holiday baby. No matter what, we'll have a baby by Christmas! And that just makes me so happy.
  This stuff is just for me, so I can look back and remember these little details: baby boy has started having hiccups all day long, just like Caleb did! For the longest time, I only felt this guy below my belly button. Really, really low, like just above my pubic bone. But now he's stretching and growing and all up in my ribs. He's pretty active during the day and not so much at night, just like Caleb was. Which makes me wonder if he'll know the difference between night and day from the beginning, too! {I know, I keep comparing them. Second child problems?} In some ways, this pregnancy is the same as my last. But in others, so different. I feel more pregnant. I've been less healthy {running is so hard to squeeze in!}. I've gotten bigger so much faster. But my weight is the same and I forget that I'm pregnant and can still do as much as I was pre-baby. So hopefully it all evens out!

Ps. 33 weeks with Caleb. 

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Unknown said...

You look great Katie! Can't believe how soon this little guy will be here. Praying for you guys as your family adjusts to a family of four. Well, really six. ;)