Tuesday, September 8, 2015

26 weeks. {round two}

{I've sort of just accepted that every one of these little letters will have a typo or five...}
 Phew. Only 14ish weeks to go with this little guy on the inside. Maybe less if he's like his big brother? Truthfully I'm rooting for more of a Thanksgiving baby than a Christmas one, but we'll see!
  Some things about 26 weeks with this babe: he moves a lot, he's making me much less nauseous these days, he's low, I'm thinking he's a bit bigger than his brother was? Or at least I'm much bigger this time around..., still doesn't have a name {but we've given ourselves a Halloween deadline to choose one!}, still doesn't have a single nursery item {but we're scheduling an Ikea trip!}, is starting to collect some really adorable "Little Brother" onesies and pj's from some sweet friends and family.

  Justin and I kept looking at each other while at the lake over the weekend and saying how different next year will be. We'll have a little baby and a big toddler! And you better believe we soaked in every bit of rest and quiet that we could this year, since we know it's our last vacation before this little guy comes and we have to adopt a man-man defense strategy. So fun to spend these little 'lasts' with Caleb and really enjoy them. At the same time, it makes us really excited to meet this new baby and see how he fits into our little family!

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