Monday, July 20, 2015

19 weeks. {round two}

  19 weeks! I forget I'm pregnant the majority of the time, which is ironic since I feel really pregnant these days. And up until a couple weeks ago, I would have said this pregnancy was identical to Caleb's. But then I started getting more food aversion and feeling a little nauseous every morning/evening again. So I'm not sure? Overall, I can't really complain. I feel pretty good, except for when I first wake up and go to bed. And I've been really terrible at forgetting to eat throughout the days, which doesn't help. I'm working on that! And we've gotten back into taking long walks every day {well, when its not raining. Wettest summer ever!}. It's not the running I did in my last pregnancy, but without a jogging stroller- it's works. And I think 4+ miles each day will still help out with keeping this pregnancy/labor/delivery/recovery healthy!
  But really. All I can think about right now is that we get to see this little bean again on Friday!!!!!!!!!! You guys. No amount of exclamation marks can express my excitement about that. I have lots of thoughts swirling around about the health of this little one and a lot of peace about that. We always forego the early screenings offered because none of them would change the course of our pregnancy. And I don't regret that. I know God has and still is preparing us to parent this baby, just as he did with Caleb. So, boy or girl {!!!!!}- we just can't wait to see it again in 4 short days!
  On that note, any votes? Justin was confident its a boy, but is now wavering. Most of my family and friends think its a girl. I have zero idea!

ps. 19 weeks with Caleb

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