Wednesday, June 17, 2015

14 weeks. {round two}

{14 weeks with Caleb}

  It is sort of amazing to me how similar this pregnancy is to my last one. The only differences so far are that time is flying by {blame that on having a 1 year old to chase around...} and I started feeling better by 13ish weeks this time around, as opposed to 14ish weeks. With first pregnancies, I think you are excited about meeting your baby and becoming a parent- both are so unknown and exciting. Now that I know what being a parent is like {sort of? We're still figuring it out...}, it's more about meeting this little one. 
  Everyone asks me if I have any feeling about whether its a boy or girl. With Caleb, I did. Not so much with this one yet. Justin thinks its a boy...we'll see! We find out in 5.5 more weeks, which is bananas to me. 
  It was really important to me to not let this new baby overshadow Caleb's birthday and party. Maybe that's silly? He has such a short time as an only child {1 1/2 years}, so I want to make it special for him. Now that those are behind us, I feel like I can really think about this new baby. 
  Two under two? Another nursery in our house? Picking out a double stroller? Those things are all starting to sink it. I would said we're a mixed of excited/feeling a little crazy of here. I mean, life will be crazy with two under two. I can only imagine. But I also think these will be some of the sweetest years for our family and some we'll look back on fondly, and probably with lots of laughter. 
  I really want to keep up with these weekly notes to baby like I did with Caleb. Everyone has told me how I will forego half of things I did with Caleb with this new little on. Does it really have to be that way? Here's my effort to combat it!

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