Tuesday, March 3, 2015


It's March! The February funk is over! Spring is on the way! {it has to be, right? right??} I'm itching to open the windows and go on evening walks and not have to wear a billion layers just to get the mail. After a dumping of 8 more inches of snow this weekend, I'll have to wait just a little bit longer for all of that. So until then, I'm currently...

listening:: to Mat Kearney's new cd {err stream on grooveshark}. I had forgotten how much I love his music.

making:: quilts! I'm spending this week cutting and piecing a few projects I've been putting off for far too long and am excited all over again about them.

enjoying:: suppers this week! Justin and I cranked out some meal prep Sunday and that always makes weeknight meals better.

wearing:: this sweater. All. Winter. Long. {only not in that black- my forever shedding husky would trash that in an instant}

eating:: healthy crap. Because I'm working on my fitness. But no, really. I'm eating this for supper tonight and am actually excited about it. 

watching:: nothing. ha! We don't have cable and Caleb is obsessed with the TV, so I mostly keep it off these days. But Justin and I are pretty excited that this cheesy show is back on.

reading:: this month's book club book and I just finished this one by Lara Casey. Non-fiction books take me a millllllion times longer to finish, so I'm pretty proud of reading it in one day.

wanting:: a beach vacation. Lofty goal?

drinking:: water all day errday. I've been waking up in the middle of the night so thirsty lately. Random?

needing:: a cookie. ha! Actually I need to put stamps on two postcards sitting on my kitchen counter, before the mailman comes. {I'm bringing back postcards, people}

hoping:: we can find a dog sitter for a handful of trips we have coming up. Know anyone?? 

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