Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursdays with Caleb. {10}

  Caleb turned 6 months old on Tuesday and I still kind of can't believe it. We went to the doctor the same day, so I have all of his stats ready for his monthly update, but he's been teething and not really in the mood for a baby photo shoot. But I did finally buy him some white onesies that fit! No more muscle tees in his monthly photos!
   We went to Chicago last weekend for a college wedding and were able to introduce Caleb to so many of our closest friends. He was such a champ for letting us cart him around and not sticking to his schedule {that he loves so much}. He even had his first paid, non-family babysitter! 
  I had a dream the other night that Caleb just started crawling out of nowhere. It was really vivid and crazy and I woke up feeling really ok with my immobile child for now. He's not even rolling from back to belly, so I will savor this time of not wrangling a moving child for as long as it lasts! He does chatter up a storm these days, though. And it's one of my favorite things each morning- after he wakes up and eats, I set him down to play on his own while I make oatmeal and tea and feed the dogs. I can hear him all the way in the kitchen just shaking his toys and babbling to himself. It's adorable. 
  I think I mentioned that last week he seemed a little off with weird naps and being extra snuggly. Well, the past few days he has been even more off his game. He had a night where he struggled to get to sleep and then yesterday had the cutest moan-cry happening in the morning. After talking to the doctor, we're pretty sure he's teething and its maybe the saddest thing ever. We've given him motrin, though, and it seems to work wonders! I'm hoping his tooth pops through quickly and he's back to his normal self soon!

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