Monday, October 6, 2014

Football and family.

  Last October, we were able to get a lot of family together for a Michigan State football game. But we knew we wanted to get everyone together for one last game this year. And while sometimes getting family in one place at the same time can be like wrangling cattle- it worked! Our little family along with Justin's parents, brothers, cousin, and aunt and uncle all made it to MSU this weekend to watch his cousin play. And it was a blast! We bundled Caleb up and he was naturally the hit of the tailgate, because who doesn't love a cozy baby in a football beanie? We also just soaked up family time. Of course we get together for the holidays every year, but those times are fast and jam packed with old traditions and holiday things. These kinds of trips, with no real agenda besides seeing each other and enjoying football, are becoming my favorite! We passed the baby {besides at the tailgate, because it was COLD} and ate good food and soaked in every bit of family. It was a fast and packed weekend and we definitely crashed when we arrived home yesterday afternoon. But it was so worth it! 
  Also, my introverted self didn't hate settling into the hotel room with my baby and some hot tea in my pjs after the tailgate and while everyone else braved the game in the cold and rain. I may or may not have even fallen asleep during halftime and missed the nailbiter ending to the game. 

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