Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday bit & pieces.

  Hooray for Friday! I know, I'm a stay at home mom now. How is Friday really different than any other day? It's not, but it kind of is, you know? The weekend is almost here! Justin sleeps in a bit and get off work a little earlier! Tomorrow I getting away for some non-baby, adult interaction {read:: book club}! So many exciting things. 
  Especially because this week has felt like a big one. I cleaned out my office at school, which made this transition to stay at home mom really real. My maternity leave started earlier than expected {birth story to come soonish? Maybe?}, so I didn't have the chance to say goodbye or really 'end' my therapy with any of my kiddos. It is totally fine and they are in great hands with the girl covering my leave, but still. It just feels unfinished, you know? I think a trip to school in the next couple of weeks, just to say hi, will make me feel better about that.
  Guess who started working out again?? I've been walking in the mornings, but I started really working out again and It. Is. Awesome. I'm so sore and I love it! I exercised pretty consistently during pregnancy, and fully credit that for my easy labor, delivery, and really quick recovery. I still need to give myself some grace, since there are days when Caleb wants to be wide awake during my workouts and I just don't finish. Or use him as a free weight during lunges. Or don't shower until 2 hours later. 
  On a less important and somewhat dramatic note, our blender broke this week. And I'm so bummed. It was inevitable, really. We've had it for 5 years and I've used the heck out of it. On it's last day, it pumped out a delicious smoothie and the first batch of pesto for the season. So it ended on a high note. But, who wants to spend money on a new blender? Not me {read:: I'm cheap}. But I am kind of dying without my morning smoothie. And the thought of no more homemade pesto this summer. First world problems, I know. Looks like I'll be buying a new blender soon...
  But hooray for Friday! I see mimosas, sleeping in, and a possible haircut in my very near future!

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