Friday, May 23, 2014

34 weeks.

{I have no idea where the green tint is coming from in these week's photos?!}
  To be honest, I thought about giving up these posts. It seems wrong to celebrate when my best friend is reeling from such loss. But I know that giving these up would be giving into grief and fear, and that's not glorifying to God in the least. So I'll keep writing, but with a heavy and prayerful heart for a friend that is hurting in the deepest ways right now.

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meme-and-he said...

praying for you and this situation. My heart is broken over it. I have heard too many stories recently of parents loosing their little ones. It can be such a debilitating fear until I recognize that these babies are not ours to begin with. They are God's, and practicing the discipline of surrender is something I must do every single day. And lots of prayer. You look beautiful, and I am praying for continued health!