Friday, May 16, 2014

33 weeks.

 It seems that with every week in this third trimester, I start feeling more and more pregnant and ready to meet this little guy. He is all up in my ribs these days and has hiccups allll the time. I'm really only uncomfortable at night, and I just take that for what it is- prep for the sleepless nights of feeding and soothing to come. For the most part, I haven't started to slow down much, though I suspect I will soon. I finally gutted, composted, and planted our garden last weekend- and am so glad it's done. If I had waited even one more week, it wouldn't have happened since my belly is growing at a crazy rate these days. I've also been trying extra hard to still get in exercise- for my sanity and the pups'.
  In really exciting news {well, to me at least}, we finally ordered our nursery chair! Since we put it off for so long {coughhusbandcough}, it's not due to come in until our due date. But I'm praying for a Christmas miracle and hoping it comes in much sooner than expected. Girlfriend likes to have all her ducks in a row before big things happen, like a baby showing up.
  We've also started talking about things like freezer meals, plans for out of town visitors when the little guy gets here, and officially decided on maternity leave and work plans post maternity leave. Eek! Those things make it seem so real that he's coming pretty soon.

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Allison said...

These pictures are just too cute. The one with just your bump and your pup...oh my gosh so sweet. You look great and yay for enjoying this time with your husband!