Monday, February 3, 2014


   I have a seriously terrible case of the Mondays. I barely got myself out of the bed, into the shower, and to work on time this morning. There's word of another blast of snow this week, and maybe even a snow day. While the thought of another unpaid day off work isn't super exciting, I think a day at home to sleep and catch up on laundry, all with a working heater (unlike the rest of my snow days so far!) sounds kind of amazing.
   Also, can we talk about how underwhelming the Super Bowl (and commercials) was this year?? If it weren't for really good friends, I'd be pretty annoyed I stayed up past 8pm for that.
   But! Since it is Monday, and there's nothing I can do to change that, I'm making it an extra productive day at work (aka working hard and leaving early), thinking about the fitness challenge I joined this month, and working on some plans for our upcoming Valentine's/Gender reveal party!
   What are you doing to get over your case of the Mondays?

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megan said...

I agree, the best part about the Superbowl was hanging out and chatting with my friends. The fact that I don't have to work tomorrow or Wednesday is what's getting me through this Monday. :) Stay warm!