Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Up & Doing. {January}

  Can I just say how excited I am to get back into my monthly goals?! After a few months of doing little besides sleeping, fighting nausea, and sleeping some more {all in the name of cooking up a baby!}- this girl is in need of some goals. And feeling productive. I need to feel productive! 

So here's what I've already started working on for this month::

//get back to the gym// Right about the time we found out we were expecting, I had just fallen into a really good workout rhythm. That's just how those things go. I remember logging a few miles and weights in somewhere during week 5 and feeling all smug, like, look at me working out and staying fit while pregnant! Ha. Two days later I couldn't stomach anything more than saltines. Joke was clearly on me. But, hello second trimester and rumored energy! My goal is to get to the gym or take a 2-mile walk at least 3 times each week, probably working my way up to that by the end of the month. Girlfriend gets out of breath easily these days. Can you imagine when I actually have a big ole belly?!

//start quilting// Many {many, many} moons ago, I made my baby nephew a quilt and had grand plans to do the same for my niece before she was born. She's 1 1/2 now. Fail. But, I really want to make our baby a quilt. And how can I justify buying new fabric and planning a new quilt when I have one ready to go already? So, my goal this month is to cut and piece! Basting and binding might make next month's list. I'm not getting crazy here.

//focus at work// That sounds silly, I know. It also kind of implies that I haven't been focusing at work. Not the case. But I have felt like I've been in a giant haze basically since mid-October {read: first trimester} and add to that the weird schedule I had all of December with traveling and holidays and such- I just feel disjointed at work. And like I could use a really good refocus. So this month, I want to do that. If we're getting specific and you care to keep me accountable, I want to get one family therapy session in a week and exceed my billings hours at least twice this month. Riveting, right??

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Courtney B said...

Oh I'm sorry you've been so sick! But it will feel good to get moving again! Staying active through pregnancy really helps with recovery (and I'm not talking about your body bouncing back, I'm talking about the first 6 weeks after baby!)