Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Taking Stock 2013

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 Whew! Is it really 2014?! I'm so so excited for this year. For obvious reasons {baby!}. But before I look ahead and dive into all that this new year holds, I think its really important to pause and reflect. When I think back on 2013, so much of it is a blur and its easy for me to forget much of it. I love big pictures, but I also love remembering and taking stock of the details. 
  To be frank, 2013 was hard in a lot of ways. Most of it was spent waiting to get pregnant. Anxiety, hopelessness, frustration- all those fun things came along with it. In the midst of all that, though, God slowly started teaching me about being present and intentional. Pregnancy and baby weren't my reality during much of 2013, so instead I started focusing on what was my reality. New friendships, hobbies, and adventures with Justin were what I discovered. I read more books than I had since college. I fell in love with gardening. We explored more and more of our city. We settled into our church home and found our place there. I left a job that was good for my heart but left my social work passions on hold and started diving back into clinical social work. I watched my niece and nephew grow from little bitty babies into wild toddlers. We did some landscaping and started working on different parts of our house. 
  I talked about it a lot on this blog and in real life in 2013, and I really came to learn what it means to choose joy this year. With people. With words. With exercise and gardening and reading. With my marriage. 
  I have a feeling will be full of changes. A new baby and all the adjustments that come with it. A new budget. Figuring out how the balance of mom/social worker fits best for me. Buying a new stove, since ours is on the fritz. Learning how to become a family of three and still be a part of our larger, spread out families. But I'm praying that I keep learning about joy. And how to choose it every day. 

Tomorrow, With a Smile in 2013

Janurary//I started two new blog series and made an attempt to be more disciplined and thankful// made some delicious breakfast quesadillas// and a bunch of other things I evidently didn't blog about!

February//After a few months of trying to conceive after our miscarriage and with what would have been our due date around the corner, I decided to take a break from blogging// I reflected on what would have been our due date// I took a quick trip to Denver to visit my best friend Lauren. It was one of those really needed, really refreshing trips.  

March//For some crazy reason, I shared my messy office before & after with you// I shared some of my springtime favorites!// I finally mastered fried rice and shared the recipe on the blog// I got a little crafty and made some chalkboard tumblers// We celebrated Easter with my family and fawned over my adorable niece and nephew

April//I completely geeked out when I was given the chance to review Shauna Niequist's new book!// Finally, finally it started to get warmer in Indiana// I started {and still haven't stopped...} talking about Choosing Joy// I shared my current favorite chicken marinade// I broke my early morning routine and started hitting the gym late at night...and kind of loved it

May//We celebrated Murphy's 3rd adoptaversary!// We hosted our first Cinco de Mayo party// I made an adorable Anthro knock-off mug// I shared a bit how hard it is to 'toe the line' with what to share on blog// I finally blogged about my all time favorite party appetizer// Jersey struggled with fake-pooping and was temporarily banned from running with me// As it got warmer out, I started sprucing up our deck with this fabric-covered planter

June//I kicked off summer with our summer veggie staple// We hit a monumental moment in the Rush house when we started leaving the dogs out of their crates all day// I made a summer reading list// We kicked off cooking club and started some really beautiful friendships//  I discovered Noonday and hosted my first trunk show// We explored a local park with the pups// Jersey got some glamour shots done

July//Over the summer I fell in love with gardening and especially fresh cut flowers// My Noonday goodies came in the mail!// We bought patio furniture as an anniversary gift to ourselves and I become obsessed with mornings on the back deck// I found my favorite summer drink// I made a list of my summer favorites// I reflected on miscarriage, one year later// 4 years with my guy!// We went on a weeklong lake vacation with our college friends and had The. Best. Time. Ever. But naturally, we had a vacation hangover

August//Sometime over the summer, I found the perfect vanilla poundcake recipe// The babies turned one// We ventured to Symphony on the Prairie// I shared some of my beginner gardening tips// I thought about how 26 was a year of joy// I turned 27// I rebelled against the Gluten Free revolution

September/October/November//My niece came over for a sleepover// I finally got the hang of decorating our mantle// We went to lots and lots and lots of football games// Jersey started rocking a tube sock and cone of shame to help her toe heal// I joined in the Nester's 31 Days challenge and talked about Joy all through October// I hosted a fun wine night with friends// I wrote this post on the day we first heard our baby's heartbeat// I shared the easiest, tastiest fudge recipe!// We celebrated Thanksgiving in Florida

December//In the middle of holiday season, life, and the first trimester of pregnancy, I started searching for margin// I made my first Advent wreath//Our book club had its first cookie exchange//We were able to spend a lot of extra time with my brother and sister in law// Michigan State headed to the Rose Bowl!!!!//I shared some sort of, kind of BIG news//We treated ourselves to an NYC trip//I shared some pregnancy details  

Tomorrow With a Smile

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Allison said...

Isn't it so nice to be able to look back and reflect on an entire year through your blog? It's always one of my favorite things to do. Praying for a wonderful start to 2014 for you my friend!