Friday, January 17, 2014

16 weeks.

  This might be the first week that having a baby on the way has started to sink in. We've started thinking about basics like strollers and cribs. And we keep working on names we both agree on {I'm the picky one}. Emily gifted me with baby's first book and some parenting books to borrow. As we were driving home from my parents last weekend, Justin turned to me and said, "I'm actually really excited. I thought I would just be so nervous and scared. But I'm really excited!" melt 
  We also heard the heartbeat again this week, and Lord knows that does my heart a world of good. We have our next appointment and ultrasound on Valentine's day, and we are just so excited to find out the gender! Only 4 more weeks. Time is flying by!


Unknown said...

So cute! Keep these up!

Stormy said...

You my dear are SO adorable! And I love reading your bump dates! :)

Anonymous said...

Adorable! And I love that your pups always needs to be by mom and in the pics too!


Boldly Chic Planner said...

you look great, sis! i love watching that little bump grow...that baby is going to be so loved!