Friday, December 27, 2013

New York, New York.

   Justin and I are feeling all sorts of love after sharing our exciting news yesterday {here and here}. A lot of time, joy, heartache, waiting, and trusting went into the whole thing. I'm sure I'll get around to sharing all the fun updates and pregnancy stuff that goes along with, well, having a baby. But, not today! Let's chat about NYC instead, mkay? 
  Early this Fall, we were feeling about restless about the whole baby thing and decided to treat ourselves. We made a short list of fun winter vacation spots, but kept coming back to NYC. If you've ever been there at Christmas, you know how magical it is. To be clear, I'm not a big city girl and much prefer open spaces, gravel roads, and fresh air. But there's nothing like the energy of the city. So, we booked our trip and planned in some extra time to spend with my brother and sister-in-law {who live outside the city in Jersey}. 
  Basically, the pictures speak for themselves. We loved our hotel {and 2-block view of the Chrysler Building!}, saw the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, ate at our all time favorite pizza place, saw Letterman, had my ring cleaned at the world's largest Tiffany's, saw all of the Christmas windows and had so much fun just being away together and taking in all the Christmas-y fun. I've never been to NYC outside of winter, so its on our bucket list to head back when there are warmer temps. And when my stomach can handle more than pizza crust and soup! On our list for next time is the High Line, Peter Luger's, the Chelsea Market, and visiting Ellis Island. 

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Interprintations said...

Yay for vacays! So glad you two had a great time out there.

My heart also favors a quieter, simpler life. But, I do agree that there's a special sort of energy that emanates from NYC. Such a fun spot to visit. =)

Anonymous said...

Yes!! I love NYC around Christmas. My family used to do an annual trip from Christmas Day to the 27th. This is the first year in awhile we haven't gone! I live vicariously through you!