Thursday, December 5, 2013


   Do you celebrate Advent? I don't really remember doing it growing up and just started doing it on my own a year or two ago. But I love it. I mentioned yesterday that this season I'm in right now is absolutely crazy, filled to the brim {I bet yours is, too!}. It's not the easiest, but one of the things I'm trying to make room for, despite the busyness, is Advent. Jesus is quite literally the reason for the Christmas season, and one day spent remembering his precious birth {and gift of hope!} is not nearly enough. I really do love the action of preparing my heart for the days leading up to Christmas.
  I imagine when we have kids, we'll get all creative and do fun activities to make Advent even more exciting. Right now, though, I'm really content to spend some intentional time every day reading Advent scripture, devotionals, and spending time reflecting on the Peace, Joy, Hope and Love this season brings. 
  In an effort to really scale back this year on Christmas decorations {that whole 'building margin' thing}, I'm not sure I'm even going to get around to putting the ornaments on the tree. But I did want to find a way to bring a physical reminder of Advent into our house. Not wanting to drop money on paper calendars or prints, I decided to totally knock off Kim's idea of a make-shift Advent wreath. Using what I had on hand {jars, gold charger, jute & baker's twine, tags, tea lights} and spending a whopping $4.50 to pick up some greenery and fake snow, it was pretty darn easy. Simple and sweet. So perfect for this season of busyness. 

  It's really nothing special. Each jar has a tag with Hope, Love, Peace, and Joy. I want to light it each night {or morning!} during my Advent study or while we're eating dinner or whatever. And to just remember. Christmas gifts and trips to NYC and extra days off from work are most definitely wonderful. But guys, we have a much bigger reason to celebrate! The Hope of the World! Christ's birth changed everything. Stop and think about that. 
  Maybe you're already on the Advent bandwagon, but if not, I really encourage you to join in. Today is only day 5, so you're not really behind at all. I'm sure if you just google 'advent study' lots of great ideas will pop up. This year, I'm doing two studies {one personal, one for our small group} and both are great. This one {that you can access on your YouVersion phone app} is extra fun because you can connect with others on social media who are doing it, too. This one, by John Piper, is available as a free ebook. 
  Whatever you choose, I encourage you to choose something. And talk about it with others. Find ways to really, truly celebrate this Advent season- outside of gift giving, holiday parties, and Christmas Eve services. 



laureneshepherd said...

Beautiful wreath!

We're celebrating Advent intentionally together for the first time this year. Mark was in charge of choosing the Scripture for each day (we have a little baggy for every day leading for Christmas hanging up) and I picked out the chocolate. Ha! It wasn't something I grew up doing either, but I want to make it a tradition we do with our kids. We're totes on the same page.

TwoFourFive said...

I'm celebrating Advent for the first time too! I'm doing a bible study from Good Morning Girls. It's so I'm sure they all are! I'm loving how it's really reminding me of the important things this year. Hopefully, when Penelope is old enough, we can do the same with her. I also want to do all that fun stuff, too!

{cuppakim} said...

this is so great. and totally helping me be intentional with my heart this season! :) you executed it so beautifully!

the only thing i spent $ on was the greenery as well, so perfect! :)

stacey said...

Awesome wreath! :) I'm also doing the SheReadsTruth Advent study and I love it! So much good truth and I find it's really helping me to rest in the presence of avoid getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas, but really reflect on the promises of Christ.

Have a blast in NYC! Maybe I'll see you before you go? :)

Stormy said...

Beautiful! You're so creative my dear!