Monday, November 4, 2013


   The quote above doesn't have a whole lot to do with today's post, except for that I just really like it and I kind of just 'let go' of my 31 Days series towards the end. And I'm more than ok with it! Choosing joy is something I will probably always love to talk and hear and think about, so even with the series ending, I'm sure blog posts and conversations about it will still pop up every now and then.
  Can we take a moment to think about the fact that its November? November 4th, really. Thanksgiving and Christmas are not my favorite holidays {Fourth of July for the win!}, but this year I'm finding myself to excited that the holiday season is here. Maybe its because we have SO much fun stuff coming up over the next few weeks {Florida, Big10 Championship, NYC, holiday parties, fun family things}. Or maybe it's because I'm finding myself in a really sweet season of life right now. A job that stimulates and challenges me {I'll share about that eventually...}. A home that we really, really love being in. Lots of extra time in the margins for things that re-energize me {working out, walking the dogs, reading books, coffee dates with friends, dipping my toes back into sewing}. Gorgeous Midwest changing seasons. Of course, I'm leaving out lots of the stressful stuff. But a la the quote about, let's all just agree to let go of the heavy stuff this holiday season. If for no other reason than that they are heavy. Amen??

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