Monday, November 11, 2013

Quilt along!


  Remember when I made my first quilt ever for my nephew? And my plans to make one for my sweet niece right after? Well, that may or may not have happened. It did not happen. BUT I have all the fabric for it {finally} and I've had a goal of finishing it by Christmas. Enter the Quilt Along! I'm hoping it's just the push I need to get my booty in motion and finish this quilt for Mia. Sheesh, a year and a half is way too long to put something off. And since I met up with Elyse over the weekend and found out we share a serious love of sewing, I'm hoping there are some serious sewing {read: accountability} dates in our future!
  Here are my guides for my quilt so far...

 The theme is 'something new', but for realistic's sake- I'm going with the same pattern I used last time; a classic Four Patch pattern.
 I will most definitely be using Amylouwho's Basting tutorial again. And of course, I'll make my own binding using Diary of a Quilter's machine binding tutorial because it really is easier than you'd think. I need to snap a photo of my fabrics- I am IN LOVE with the colors and patterns. So cute and little girlish.

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Amanda said...

I love this quilt you made! So pretty :) .. I'm not sure I have the ability to make something that nice. Ha :)