Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Must-Haves. {Artful Tea}

  If there is one thing that screams fall and colder weather to me, it's tea. I've always liked it, but I credit my college years to falling in love with the stuff. I'm a hardcore non-coffee drinker {even the smell, ew} and will probably always be. But I've yet to meet a tea I don't like {minus the stuff in bottles or fountains- brewed is best}. I honestly think all those hours spent talking and praying and loving on friends over steamy cups during college and these post-grad years have made tea a bit sentimental for me. Case in point: vanilla rooibos. I have this fabulous friends named Lauren and coffee/tea dates are the epitome of our friendship. That's probably where we first even became friends. After college, we would meet up at whatever Starbucks we could find halfway between our towns and one day she raved about vanilla rooibos lattes, so I got one. I was hooked. But lattes are a bit heavy, and not a drink I'm bound to brew at home. And I haven't found a favorite loose leaf or tea bag version I loved- until Artful Tea. Karen, the genius behind Artful Tea, specializes in luxury loose leaf tea. She puts a whole lot of love into each tea she personally blends and its pretty evident. 
  And oh my goodness, this tea is the smoothest I've ever had! Rooibos is great in that way, no bitterness and perfect when paired with vanilla flavorings. I already have a favorite go-to vanilla chai {brewed, not that premade liquid crap}, but I have a strict no-caffeine after 3pm rule, so it's really only a morning drink. But this stuff is perfect anytime. Ever since Karen shipped me some in late August, I can't stop drinking it! Like the 27-going-on-77 lady I am, I've gotten in the habit of having hot tea before bed. And unfortunately for my chamomile, this goodness has taken up much of the rotation lately. Love. It. 
  Karen also included 3 fun samples as a surprise and I rationed them like crazy! The packaging is adorable and Karen is the BEST to work with. Guys, she shipped the tea crazy fast and has been a dream to work with. And really, anyone who loves tea is my fast friend. If I haven't convinced you already that this tea is the epitome of Fall goodness, try some yourself. No seriously, do it. Or buy some for someone you love {ahemMEahem}. Karen is offering ALL of you 15% off your entire Artful Tea order from now until October 30th- just use coupon code WITHASMILE4TEA. And bonus! She'll include 3 fun extras for you sample- just leave a note when you check out or leave it blank and she'll surprise you. How fun!!! Do me a favor and be sure to let me know what you get and how you like it so I can add it to my must-try list!
  Now, for you viewing pleasure: awkward self-timer photos of me and my tea. #bloggerissues #ineedatripod 

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Karen Gardiner said...

Oh, Katie, you're a gem! Thanks so much for your lovely words about ArtfulTea. I'm delighted you're enjoying it! Looking forward to sending some out to your readers, too! All the best!