Monday, September 23, 2013

Football and family.

  Remember when I mentioned having a weekend full of people-time? That happened. Including two bedtimes after 1am. Guys, that's a big deal. I don't stay up until 11:30pm even. Unless GossipGirl is on. That show is so freaking addictive. 
  So anyways, this weekend was filled to the brim with people-time. And I didn't hate it! In fact, it was kind of awesome. We drove up to the Notre Dame vs. Michigan State game on Saturday to support Justin's cousin {Go Green!} and were able to hang out all day {and Sunday, too!} with his other cousin and his girlfriend. It always bothers me that we don't see J's family often, so its extra special to go to MSU games with them once in a while. Also, his cousin's girlfriend loves Gossip Girl, too. So we connected over that. And, I'm watching GG right now. Clearly I'm obsessed. 
   Moral of the story, people-time isn't the worst, especially when family is involved! Also, Gossip Girl!! How's was your weekend? 


Heather said...

Looks fun! I totally relate to your introvert feelings you posted about in your last post! I always thought I was an extrovert but these days it feels that I get most rejuvenated when I'm all alone. Who would of thought?!

Anonymous said...

GG--best. show. ever. Also, I'm glad to know you still have your strict bedtime. I wouldn't expect any less.