Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall mantle.

   I finally put together my fall mantle (or is it mantel? I never know these things) last week and I've finally decided (after 6 days) I love it. I didn't buy anything new and made it almost too simple. But I think I like simple these days. Also, let's chat about that grapevine wreath. I bought it for $2(ish) last year and it was probably the best two dollars I've spent on house things. I always have the urge to take it down and put something new there, but it just works. With everything. Moral of the story, buy yourself a grapevine wreath and thank me later. 
  And don't forget to enter last week's Fall Must-Have's giveaway- only one day left!

1 comment:

Chelsea E. said...

I love it! It looks so simple, but so pretty!