Wednesday, September 4, 2013

End of the season.

   Summer is basically over. It's cooling down outside, I have my favorite candles burning {this one and this one}, and I've literally gone back to school {new job, more on that later!}. I know it's so super trendy of me, but I love this time of year. And not necessarily for the pumpkin spice lattes {the horror!}.
 To get ready for the cooler weather and my new schedule, I did some 'end of the season' things around the house over the weekend, including cleaning out my flower pots and garden {save for the tomatoes and peppers and basil}. It was only a little sad to tear out my cukes and flowers and beans and carrots. I say only a little, because I had a really good summer. Both in regards to my garden and life. Last year, I couldn't wish summer away fast enough. This year, I really feel like I was here and enjoying the present. So I guess that's why I'm not so sad its over. It was good while it lasted, you know? I grew far more tomatoes and cukes than our family could eat, so I was able to share with everyone I know. I grew some really gorgeous flowers and shared those, too. Life was just really full around these parts. 
  So, it's literally out with the zinnias and in with the mums! Happy September :)

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Alli said...

Fall is super trendy isn't it? But I think it deserves all the praise in the world. Especially for the beautiful harvest season, looks like you got a great haul.