Thursday, September 19, 2013

A dog and a tube sock.

   I kind of surprise myself by how little I talk about my dogs on this blog. In my real life {because this blog isn't my real life?} they are a pretty big deal. I honestly can't imagine not having them around. I'm one of those people with a dog voice and at least 20 nicknames for each of my dogs. I even have songs for them. Yup. No shame here.
 So you can imagine that when one of them is sick, I kind of freak out. Like heavy heart, tearful, anxiety all day kind of freak out. Which is how this week started, when we noticed Jersey had something wrong with her toe on Monday. A stressful vet appointment and a cancer scare later, and we think its just histiocytoma (benign). It should heal itself in a few weeks, and she has pain meds and antibiotics to prevent infection. But it still hurts and looks ugly and she obsessively licks at it. And limps. All of that makes it hard not to keep worrying. But we've been keeping a tall sock on her leg to prevent her from licking, and it is so freaking adorable. So there's that. 
 Here's to hoping {and praying!} she heals quickly! Join me in praying?? 

 ps. And heyyyy! How about that sneak peek of our bonus room makeover?}
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Lindley @ The Grinning Labrador said...

Aww poor Jersey! I am the exact same way! My family's little lab had ear surgery and has been rocking a cone for a few weeks now and my heart aches every time I think of her!

Best wishes to Jersey and a rapid recovery!!