Thursday, August 1, 2013

Palmer Lake.


   I'm fairly certain that 9 years ago when a group of guys found themselves living together in the same dorm their freshman year, they had no idea what they were starting. But 6 weddings and almost 3 babies later, we actually did it. We started a group vacation tradition.
   We spent an entire week together at kind of the perfect house in the most random Michigan town on a lake no one had ever heard of. And it was awesome. There were jet skis and kayaks and rafts and a fire pit and hot tub and 5 whole bathrooms. And most of all, we were all together. Insert lots of beer, really good family meals, spike ball, a throwback-to-college foot race, very intense yard game olympics (decided by an epic cornhole bracket), a Friki Tiki trophy, and just lots of fun- and you can imagine our week. I would do it again in a heartbeat. In fact, we plan to. For lots of years to come. 
   Ok, after that picture overload you have to understand my legit vacation hangover now, right? Who wouldn't have a hard time coming back to real life after that?


Emily Carnes said...

This looks like the best time ever! So glad y'all had fun!

Unknown said...

I just love this. SO glad you had an entire week with some of your favorite people. You both looks so deserve it!

Chelsea E. said...

I love this for you!!

Ashley said...

this made me SO happy! great group of peeps :)