Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I heart gluten. {and blog comments}

I'm already anticipating the hate comments and links to Pro-Gluten articles I'm going to receive for writing this but,

I don't get the gluten free craze. Just about any doctor will tell you that only a few of us actually needs to cut gluten out of our diets {here & here}. But somehow, 2/3 of the people I know are Going gluten free! And loving it! Please. {before you flip, I realize some people have legit Celiac's or gluten sensitivity}

Um, no. I heart gluten. Bread is my bff. I would eat freshouttheoven bread on the hour every hour if it were socially acceptable and my thighs couldn't tell the difference. Instead, I'm sticking to my motto of everything in moderation. Because, good Lord, I refuse to give up my breads.

Tell me I'm not alone? Do you secretly roll your eyes at the over-abundance of I'm going gluten free! proclamations and Instagram posts, too? Or am I basically a health outcast now?

On a completely different topic, are blog comments dead? I feel like when we said goodbye to GoogleReader {rip}, it took comments with it. I'm just as guitly- maybe I should resolve to comment more? Ok, you twisted my arm.


Chelsea E. said...

This is the issue...people think that all gluten is bad! It's not. I mean, I can't have it, but in moderation for people with no allergies, it's a great way to get the carbohydrates you need each day! People really need to get off the gluten free bandwagon. (I had a waiter tell me he was "gluten free," and then came back and said "oh there are bread crumbs in this, but you still want it right?" and I was like "umm, no I need to breathe later, but thanks.") Also, please enjoy the warm soft bread with a firm outside shell for me. I miss it sooooooo much! :)

Kathryn said...

Yes, yes I do secretly roll my eyes about gluten-free. I think it's just another diet fad for a lot of peeps.

Michaela said...

Girlfriend. I was TOTALLY with you before I went gluten free. I was having massive headaches and my Dr. suggested I go GF, and literally I haven't had a headache since (almost 3 months ago now). I will say, it definitely sucks! Bread is my favorite thing in the whole wide world, so I was kicking and screaming the first few months of this. Now I have found what works for me and the good brands of "bread" ;) , and if sacrificing bread and wheat means me not having to deal with headaches, I'm all in. My skin is also clearer than it's ever been! BUT I do agree, the fad is crazy, and I would have never done it had my Dr. not recommended it.

Alli said...

I hear you sister, I cannot handle this whole issue. Mostly because people who are doing it for diet reasons or because it's a fade are really poorly informed. I've had girls say they are gluten free so they only eat whole wheat bread or girls talk about their gluten intolerance while they chew on raw pasta. Plus I think the fad is dangerous lots of people are lacking a lot of important nutrients and it makes light of celiac disease which is a serious problem not a choice.


Nicole Marie said...

ditto girl!! i LOOOVVEE bread and gluten... i think its important for people to not eat gluten if theyre intolerant but if not, bread away!