Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Full heart & house.

 "When you satisfy the needs of the oppressed, your night will become like the noonday..." Isaiah 58:10

  On Saturday morning, my kitchen and living room were filled to the brim with about 18 ladies, one {adorable} baby, two dogs, and one {adorable} puppy. We sat around eating crêpes and drinking mimosas while we learned a bit about what Noonday is all about.

  I always get a bit insecure about these kinds of get-togethers. Maybe no one will show up, my dog will scare someone off, the food will be disgusting, people won't end up having a good time, or, most of all- they'll think I'm trying to hassle them into buying something just so I can get some sort of reward. That last one is how I always feel when I go to other types of parties like this {you know what I'm talking about!}.

  Guys, I wish you all could have been there. Seriously. It went a gagillion times better than I could have imagined {a definite perk of always underestimating things!}. SO many ladies showed up, every drop of champagne was consumed, no one seemed to feel hassled, my dogs behaved, and everyone seemed really amazed by Noonday's mission. People were really excited about the social justice focus and supporting fair trade. I was blown away by how many people jumped on board and purchased something! 

  My expectation for the trunk show was not at all for people to spend money. That sounds silly, I know. But what I love about Noonday is that its a truly great way to expose ladies to real life issues while giving them a way to join in the fight to help end poverty and support orphans and widows. Sometimes talking about social justice issues makes people uncomfortable or overwhelmed. I really just wanted my trunk show to be a chance to talk with friends about real life issues they may not know or think about everyday. 

  At this point in life, its safe to say I'm passionate about social justice. As a social worker, its kind of just a part of who I am. That's probably why I've fallen in love with Noonday. I've even entertained the idea of becoming an ambassador. Although, I'm pretty sure I'd be terrible at it. Either way, I'm so thankful I had the chance to spread the word about Noonday and open the door for good conversations with friends about poverty and what fair trade really means. I also ordered a gorgeous necklace, so there's that, too. 

  All that to say, it was such a great morning. Filling my house with good friends and feeding them and sharing my heart are all some of my absolute favorite things in life. My heart is most happy when I look around my house and see women eating and talking and laughing together. Add talk of social justice to the mix, and this girl is over the moon. 
  Everyone has their thing{s}. I'm learning that you don't have to be the best at something to consider it your thing. So, I guess hosting and cooking and talking about social justice are my things. What's your thing


Stormy said...

Looks like a lovely time my dear!

Emily Carnes said...

I'm so glad that it went well!! I just adore their website and their mission--it makes buying things that much more fun when you know it's going to a good cause!

*I'm so glad you've found your "things". I know I'm narrowing mine down, but am still figuring them out. :)

Amanda said...

How fun! I love that you're always hosting parties & things.. :) :)