Monday, May 20, 2013


  This  weekend was one of those gloriously long ones where you find yourself at 1pm on Saturday thinking, "Man, I wish I didn't have to go back to work tomorrow," only to realize you're not even half through the weekend. Between Justin agreeing to visit the local antique mall with me to him making supper {from scratch! No Wetzels Pretzels!} and running with me- it was just a really great two days. 
  It felt like summer, with long steamy days and sunlight until 9pm. Summer last year was pretty much a wash. I slept through part of it, cried through even more of it, and then quickly wished that last of it away. I think that must be why I seem to be eating up even the smallest signs that summer is on its way here this year. We're at a completely different place 12 months later {a year out of grad school, Justin got promoted, and much more settled in our home and community}. The growth and change that can occur in 12 simple months is amazing, amen? 

I may hate our teeny, tiny panty. But I do love my kitchen chalkboard and the summer light that spills through our bay window. 

I will never stop loving Trader Joe's super cheap flower bouquets. And candles from Anthro & West Elm!

This guy. Lazy bum.

Ice cream sundaes! Guys, my lactose intolerant stomach hates me for this- but I've had 3 sundaes in the last week. Oops!

I snagged this beauty for cheap at our local antique mall. Now, what should I do with it??

Hey girl, heyyyy! Look who's easing back into running! {Me! Its me!}

When temps hit 80°, I always get a craving for lemonade. Add in some strawberries, and my little sugar-loving heart is in heaven.

Sexy lady.

  Holy goodness! Only two weeks left in May and then we're officially moving into summer. This is the first summer in 4 years that we don't have a singe wedding or shower. Not a one! That's quite the change from our usual 8-15. But a fun 5k, hiking, a Noonday trunk show, lake vacation, and some house projects are on the calendar. I'm so so looking forward to this summer. And making up for all the things I skipped out on last year. Yes, I've officially decided it will be a wonderful summer.

 What about you? Any great or wonderfully simple summer plans in the works? Do share! 

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Amanda said...

I'm so excited for summer & so glad that you're feeling better and determined to enjoy this summer. :) what a great mindset!! You could turn the antique find into a fruit basket.. Because that's what I thought it was when I saw it :)

& I wanted you to know that I just love your blog. The honest, simplicity, look, etc. I've been meaning to tell you that. :)