Friday, May 10, 2013

Best of my days. {14}

 Yes. Amen. That quote is so true. 
  I have the day off with just about no plans {short of a wine tasting with friends tonight!}. I'm a little beside myself. I've only checked my work email 4 times, so that's good. Right? Maybe I'll get some cleaning done and go for a run and plant some flowers. Maybe I'll watch Call the Midwife. So much room for activities! Its kind of the perfect ending to another full, full week. A slow morning to sit with Jesus and reflect and practice hope & faith is never a bad way to start a long weekend, you know? 
  So, here's to the weekend! Here's to building a calm life rooted in gratitude. 

171. a new book
172. Justin's hard work
173. fresh flowers around the house
174. a day off
175. mornings and evenings in the backyard
176. hope
177. Liz Barron. {you made the blog! :D}
178. mom's successful surgery
179. Brooke Frasier in the car
180. feeling really, truly full 


laureneshepherd said...

I am truly overjoyed to see you so content in this season! Love your heart and the ways God is at work. Missin' you and Indiana bad this time of year!

lizbarron said...

You just made my day. :)