Friday, April 26, 2013

Best of my days. {12}

  Its been one of those strangely full & exhausting weeks, yet I'm feeling totally re-energized and excited today. I've been surprising myself in a lot of ways this week {um, hello late night gym rat}- and I kind of like it. Even more, God seems to be up to some things in my heart, strange things, and I don't hate it. I'm feeling less afraid to set more goals and dream new dreams. Maybe I will start an etsy shop. Maybe I will make an unlikely professional choice. Maybe I will keep running, and running and feel back to my old self. Who knows.

146. free Chickfila
147. a back rub
148. a new book
149. morning sunshine on the couch
150. asparagus
151. sprouted seedlings
152. a clean kitchen
153. a full house
154. book club
156. wine with friends
157. trusting God with new things
158. catching up with Lauren
159. late night gym runs
160. this article


Allison said...

Free chickfila always makes me happy! And I'm loving that quote!

Amanda said...

Back rubs are my favorite!! And I am so happy for this beautiful sunshine!! :) :)