Monday, February 4, 2013

Up & Doing. {February}

I feel really good about my January goals and am excited to tackle some new ones this month. I've spent a lot of time thinking and planning for each of them. They look much different than last month, and are a little bit more lofty. But I'm already excited about how they're turning out- and we're only 3 days into February!

Shift my focus. Quite simply, I need a break from blogging. I could probably list ten solid reasons for this, but they all come back to my need to refocus. So, this month I am taking a step back and literally shifting my focus. You won't see me posting much around here or commenting on your blog, either. But you will see some truly wonderful friends of mine filling in for me when I'm gone. So I hope you will still stop by, and get to know them! And when March rolls around, hopefully I'll be back in action and more focused than ever! In the meantime, I'm still alive. Email me or follow me on twitter and instagram. Let's stay connected, just in less surface-y ways than my blog :)

Speak love. This one is big. And needed. Last month, I worked on loving Justin more through serving him in our home. And it was really wonderful. This month, I know I need to focus on the words I'm speaking to him. Its so easy to fall into a comfortable way of talking to one another- and I want to check myself and the words I'm saying to him. I want to speak life and love. Words are powerful, and I want to intentionally work on loving Justin with my words this month.

Build community. For months, or maybe even a few years now- its been on my heart to start something. Specifically, with ladies. This summer, I was in the process of starting a book club, but then some of the girls got sick and we had our it got put to the back burner. I'm still itching to get a group of ladies together for fun and (here's the cheesiness) fellowship. I think I sit around too much waiting to be invited to things other women have planned...and I want to stop being lazy and plan something myself. Whether its a book club (thats in the works!) or just a wine night- I want to build something. 

Do you have goals for this month? Or resolutions that you're still working on? I'd love to hear!


Christina said...

you know I'll miss your smiling face on your blog this month - but I'm proud of you for redirecting!!

And about the words with your husband - thanks! This really challenged me...after a few years of marriage it's so easy to fall into an easy routine and pattern. I'm going to try to be more intentional about this too!!

Can't wait to hear about your girl time!! I seriously love girl time in my life, and I feel so much "healthier" when I have solid Christian women around me, lifting eachother up and supporting eachother.

Amanda said...

I love these. How crazy, but I just wrote about number two on my blog today! In the SheReadsTruth soul detox devo last week was all about the toxic words we speak over ourselves and say to others. I was so challenged by it and by Proverbs 18:21 & James 3! This is definitely one of my goals as well :)
Have a blessed, wonderful day! XO

Emily grapes said...

Enjoy your time away. :) Love on your man! i have no doubt he'll love every minute of it!!
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Allison said...

I love your goals girl and I hope that taking a month off from blogging will help you start accomplishing them!

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you said about being comfortable in the way we speak to our spouses. Part of that comfort is good. It shows there is trust and mutual understanding. But I think I assume too much and say too little at times. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!