Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Meet Tab.

Funniest girl ever. That's all I need to say about Tab :) 

Hello lovely new friends.

Let's pretend that I'm the only person K asked to guest blog.
I know isn't she so fab.

Lets start with the basics shall we, my name is Tabitha,
My happy blog home is over here.

A little about me.

I can read!...I read this entire series
can't wait for the movie
There's just something about books becoming movies that I love
Even if they suck, I'm talking to you Twilight 1.

I like to run
dress up like this
So what if I'm almost 30, tutus and bells for life!

I like to cook
Recipe upon request

And hang out with this guy
I mean we are getting married in 7 months


Come on over, lets be friends!

Grand Finale...
One more
You're welcome.
Have a fabulous day.



Emily grapes said...

tab is a trip! and I love her. 7 months and counting!

My-cliffnotes said...