Thursday, February 14, 2013

Emily's February favs.

Happy, happy valentine's day! :) I'm so excited to have Emily here, another one of my real life friends from undergrad :) 

Hi there! I am Emily from the blog meme and he, and today I am sharing a few things I have had my eye on for this short month of February:

want: This fantastic pillow, which I would gladly display in my living room. 
need: This shea butter, which would finally cure my dry winter skin.
wear: This heart sweater, to be festive for valentine's day without losing any comfort.
read: This book, because it seems to summarize exactly where I am at right now.

Stop by my blog and say hello! I would love to check out your's as well :)

"want, need, wear, read" is inspired by james from bleubirdblog

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