Friday, February 8, 2013

Best of my days. {4}

Can we get an amen for the weekend?!
I'm so glad its Friday!
This is my last weekend with Justin until March since we're both traveling a bit over the next few weeks... so we have plans for some qt and not a whole lot else.

Last weekend was really busy with dinners with friends, working a bit, monthly family lunch, and super bowl fun. It left me drained  on Monday. But, as usual, I found so many things to be thankful for this week.

43. lunch with coworkers
44. enjoying downtown
45. time with the Bowers
46. an excuse for a fancy night out
47. justin grocery shopping
48. budgeting
49. fun at Starbucks with my matches (for work)
50. unwinding with a movie & a green tea

51. cuddles with the babies
52. the most thoughtful gift from my mom
53. finding green tea at the store!
54. homemade ice cream
55. starting my blog break
56. big mug of chai when I'm dragging
57. free Arni's pizza!
58. sweet email from a board member at work

59. delicious supper
60. wordle at work from coworkers
61. crafting & wine {and MmmBop station on pandora}
62. leftovers

63. finding a nice dentist in town {even though I have my first cavity...}
64. free time to roam target
65. a new book
66. Justin planning this week's small group study
67. access to good medical care and being able to {mostly} afford it

Hope your weekend is wonderful and full! :) 


Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear what you think of The Paris Wife! It's on my wishlist!!

Amanda said...

I love how you wrote all of this down every week. What a great time to reflect and remember how blessed you are. I think I'll start doing this. && I didn't forget about the blog post. This week has been busy. Can I write it this weekend and send it by Sunday? If not that's okay too!

Enjoy your weekend with your love :)

Legally Lovely said...

Whoa! That is a long list of happiness, and I'm glad for you! Enjoy the Paris Wife; I really liked it! Enjoy your blog break, but I will miss you!

(I like exclamation marks today!)

Emily grapes said...

your list is huge, that's awesome!!

is your tooth hurting? Is that what made you go into the dentist? Or did you go and they said you had a cavity even though you don't feel pain...? I'm super skeptical with dentists..

Allison said...

Oh what book are you reading?? I'm always looking for a good read. :)