Monday, January 28, 2013

Simple things.

I'm really excited to share my goals for next month with you all, they're bound to be good. And I can't wait to share how the goals this month have gone. Here's a hint: fabulously. :)

But in the meantime,
I'll just share some simple things. 
Life over the past few days has just seemed really simple. In all the best ways, of course.
Saturday morning, I really needed to pick up some groceries and such from Wal-Mart. And darn it if I don't hate that place. But I've found the pleasant window from 10pm-10am where it is actually uncrowded and slightly enjoyable. 
And then, I grabbed some free Starbucks with a voucher I'd gotten from them messing up another free order of mine on Friday.
Yes, please.

In addition to some fresh Gain laundry sheets smelling up my house {yum}, preparing a week's worth of breakfasts and lunches, spending some really good time studying Colossians with friends, and ending the weekend cuddling in bed watching an episode of Chopped-
it doesn't get much better than this, friends. 

On the surface, our weekend seemed pretty boring.
But really, it was simply wonderful.

Here's to a new week {and some warmer temps around here}!


Christina said...

not boring at all - sounds so similar to many weekends around my house!! I can't wait to hear about how your goals went - because I'm so excited they're going well!!!! :)

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

I'd kill for a simple weekend, they are hard to come by :)

Legally Lovely said...

Simple weekends can be the best! I love them!

Amanda said...

Sometimes we need simple, calm weekends :) I think they're a blessing from Jesus! I love the smell of Gain.. Apple mango tango :) great smell, fun name. Win all around!

Emily grapes said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. And yes! Before 10am at Walmart is the ONLY way I'll be seen there!

Allison said...

I'm all about simple lately! And I agree about Walmart not being my favorite place, but it's just so darn convenient.