Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I had planned to start my No Spend September series today,
but during the time I would have drafted that post yesterday...
I was cuddling and praying and worrying over this guy.
After a trip to the vet, we found out he's not going blind {dramatic much?}, but instead just had an irritated eye that healed {permanently} cloudy. But other than that, he's no worse for the wear.  

Deep sigh of relief.

So, look for the first No Spend September series post next wednesday. And come back tomorrow to link up/check out the September {photo} Challenge posts!!!

Happy wednesday, friends. 
Now, go hug a husky :)


Emily said...

he's sooo cute...those eyes!

looking forward to your no spend september series...i don't think i could do it...

Allie Brooks said...

What a precious dog.... Glad he is okay!!!! Can't wait too hear about no spending!

Ashley said...

so so glad your little fuzzy is ok!! animal injuries are so scary!