Thursday, September 13, 2012

{photo} challenge: week 2

I was pretty excited for this week's photos light, movement, joy. I had every intention of getting some good shots at the BMW PGA tournament, but cameras weren't allowed. Womp womp. That kind of killed my excitement to look up some tutorials on getting good action shots...but I'm still happy with what I got this week. 
Can't wait to see what everyone else came up with! :)

I've decided to leave the link-ups up until the month is there's plenty of time to add ones you missed! Aaaand I'm thinking of doing some sort of giveaway at the end. Maybe a camera strap cover? I'm on a roll with those. 


meme-and-he said...

ahh love the joy picture! It captures joy so perfectly!

A few years ago david and I went to the bmw pga tournament...I remember anyone who drove a bmw got to park super close to the entrance. Our buick didn't make the cut. ha!

Allie Brooks said...

I need info on your camera please!!! I'm currently looking/dreaming over a nice one!!!

I'm such a needy friend :) what would I do without you!?!

angie on maui said...

Yes, please leave the link-ups available for a little longer for slowpokes like myself! Actually, in my defense I'm having a bit of a crisis over here and haven't had any time to take photos, let alone blog. :(

Love your photos, though!


Emily grapes said...

Emily's buick comment is hilarious!

I like your movements!!

A giveaway at the end??? Well, you know I'll be on board! ;)
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Holly Osbeck said...

I LOVE your pictures! The last one is absolutely priceless :)

Holly Osbeck said...

Are you doing it this week? :)