Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday randoms.

Oh hey, Monday. You snuck up on me again :)

J&I are still recovering from our whirlwind trip to Atlanta for a family wedding this weekend. So fun, but so exhausting!

I'm in full-speed baby shower planning this week...finishing up the details for my little niece's shower this weekend. Lots of purple, poufs, and girly details!

I'm also still working on figuring out my blogger image storage issue. Seriously, how can I post pictures if I've reached my limit? Anyone have any luck using as a host? Help a girl out!

And I'm SO excited about my garden. Despite these sweltering temps and drought conditions, I'm on the verge of some yummy veggies ready to eat!

Happy Monday, friends! Hopefully I'll be back with pictures and normal posts soon as I figure out this little snafu...


meme-and-he said...

for a time I was using photobucket, but it was such a PAIN to put the pictures on the computer, edit them, upload them to photobucket, and THEN to blogger. it took so much time. so i stopped...but now blogger is saying I dont have any more photo space for areas besides the posts...not sure what to do about that. ha!

Amy @ A Place in This World said...

I just found you via Whispering Sweet Nothings' Coast to Coast post. All of my beautiful flowers are croaking in the heat despite all the watering I do! I'm not sure anything will survive for next year. Also read your past grad school posts and totally relate- mine are all online, but it's INSANE!