Monday, May 7, 2012


Remember the list I made to celebrate finishing grad school?
Well, I took that thing seriously last week.
I crossed off over half the list!
Check it out...

I HAVE MY MASTER'S DEGREE list of things to do::

1. Sleep in as late as I want. CHECK. Last Monday, I slept until like 8:45. and then took a nap from 11a-12p. AWESOME.

2. Watch smutty TV. Or just a few seasons of JAG. Or both if I feel real cray cray. TRIPLE CHECK. I have fully caught up on RHONJ & some other random smutty shows. And loved each second.
3. Do some sewing. Just for fun. CHECK. I did TONS of sewing last week. All of it for a special gift I'm working on. And its this close to being done.

4. Buy a new dress {for graduation}. 
5. Talk two walks in one day with the pups. {I have time for this now!!} DOUBLE CHECK. I did this a few times last week and loved it.

6. Read a few books. {Any good suggestions?}
7. Watch some Lifetime movies. I finally understand the hype of Lifetime movies. They suck you in, don't they?!
8. Do some fun things for my little niece and nephew! Baby shower planning, gift making, and mayyyybe picking up some super cute baby outfits! I can't wait to be an aunt!
9. Meet J for lunch 
10. Clean the house. Top to bottom. I love a clean house. LOVE.
11. Pick a few Pinterest crafts and dominate them.
12. Make supper every night!
13. Go to the gym. Even if the owner is super douche-y and mean.
14. Run! Lots of running! After at least two full days of being lazy, of course. I may be most happy about this one. I've even gotten back into kickboxing. And woke up early this AM to run with J before work. My body loves me right now.
15. Organize craft stuffs. 

And you guessed it, this week is dedicated to crossing off the rest of the list! :) 
Rough life, I know.
But really, I'm so thankful for this break before I start find a job.
And I'm so excited to catch up on my blogroll this week, too. 
Can't wait to see what you've all been up to!
Happy monday!

{any suggestions for #6 on the list?}

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Emily grapes said...

Even if you cropped the picture, its still a really pretty view. :)

Go knock out that list, girl. I have no book suggestions..Tatiana was walking about a series of books that she really likes, but I don't remember the names.
Emily at Amazing Grapes

meme-and-he said...

girl you earned it!!! enjoy! glad you are finding motivation to work on these relaxing projects!

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

dude. congrats, congrats, congrats.

oh, lifetime movies. how do they do that to us? how do we actually watch a whole thing? because they are charmingly alluring, that's why.

Unknown said...

I love the colors of the material on the project you're working on. I recently read Kate Morton's book The Forgotten Garden and it's amazing. It had me hooked at the beginning. Loved it. really like your blog and I'm following it :)
would love a visit @

Laura Darling said...

This is awesome! So glad you're finally getting to cross things off your list! Enjoy!