Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Our poor sweet house. 
Since we moved in last November, we've done literally no decorating outside of the two rooms we painted when we first moved in. 
The worst has been the mantle in our living room...its been so bare and empty and just stares at me, begging me to do something.

So I dug up $6 and did something.
I made some knock off grass planters to flank the sides of the mantle.
Simple & easy.

I bought one stem of grass, floral foam, and {not pictured} floral moss each for $1 at the dollar store and a set of 3 square wooden planters on clearance at Michael's for $3. I already had white spray paint, but you can usually pick this up for $1 at good ole Wal-mart!

I started off by spraying the planters white...

...and stuffing one square of the foam in each planter {It came in a 4-pack}. Can we be real? I actually got really eager when I brought my supplies home from the store and stuffed the foam in first thing to see if it fit :) So...you might notice some spray paint on the foam here!

I kind of just took a stab at how much grass I'd need when I only bought one stem. It was actually perfect. The grass was in bunches on the stem that pulled right off and were perfect for sticking into the foam.

After all the grass was off the stem, I counted the pieces and put an even amount in each planter. Be sure to evenly distribute the grass in each planter so it looks even and not too spaced out.

Mmmmm. I just love wine.

After the grass was all in, I stepped back and realized it looked really sparse. 

So I took the grass from the third planter and divided it among the other two. Two full-looking planters are better than three-empty ones, right? 

I heart my baby glue gun. 

Break out that moss and just glue it onto the foam around the grass. Fill it up nicely so no foam is visible!

Still a bare mantle, but its looking better already! I think I may buy another stem or two of grass and add more to them. I'm also thinking of cutting the grass to be short. Hmmm...thoughts?

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meme-and-he said...

great project! So easy, but looks so nice! and I think your mantel is coming along nicely...You are super creative with it!

My-cliffnotes said...

Love this, so fun.


Laura Darling said...

This looks awesome! I wish I could come up with creative ideas like this!!

Emily grapes said...

Hey, you took my advice and moved the words. Love it!!! :)

I think you should keep the grass long, it balances out the pictures that are lower. The whole "needs some tall, some small and some in between" heights help keep it visually appealing. Nice job!
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Nicole Marie said...

hahah love step five.. it looks great though even though there isnt much! the quote a few pictures and the plants! perfect if you ask me!

Christina said...

these are really cute, Katie! I like them the way they are :)

Thanks for linking to "20 Below Thursday"! :)