Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chalk it up. {diy}

I think Murph approves of my new kitchen chalkboard :)
This was one of the easiest & cheapist projects,
but it required So. Much. Patience.

Here's what I used:

I already everything I needed on hand. My mom gave me the chalkboard paint awhile back {about $10/can}, the frame was leftover from my RA days {$9.99 at Big Lots}, and I always have trash bags, a foam brush, and 3M strips on hand.

I had the hubs hold the frame leveled on the wall and I used a pencil to trace inside to give myself parameters to paint around.
I use a foam brush to paint, but you'll get smoother results if you use a roller. 
After I let the first coat dry for several hours, I applied a second. 
As soon as the 2nd coat was dry to the touch, I put up the frame.
{because I have no patience!!!}
But then the sucky part.
I had to wait 4 DAYS to write on it. 
So just about first thing this morning, I broke out my chalk and wrote on this baby!
I love it.

When I was snapping pictures to post, I realized I've never really posted pictures of our house. Let's chock it up to our lack of decorating thus far. But its becoming more and more like a home each day!
So, here's a mini house tour from our kitchen :)

 And since I'm sharing crafts today, I HAD to share a Pinterest craft I tried this weekend and LOVED.

Coffee filter peonies! Each flower took me about 3 minutes. And you can dye them any color or leave them white. So easy.
I'm even going to make purple ones for my baby niece! 

Ok. Go make them.

Or just have a wonderful Wednesday!



Emily Carnes said...

YAY! This looks so easy. And I've been wanting to try the paper flowers, too. Now that it's officially summer for me, I can't wait to start crafting!

Emily grapes said...

That's a great verse! just love it and way to go on the chalkboard. Looks fabulous! What's with having to wait for 4 days? =/

nice mini tour you gave there. Arch ways are great, hooray for having tons in your home. :)
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Ashley said...

Amazing!!! I want to do this SO bad. My girlfriend has one with a big gold frame and I'm obsessed!

kaila mo said...

LOVE this post!! okay your dog is BEAUTIFUL, those eyes!! :) and love the chalkboard idea, it turned out so awesome i love it! and the coffee filter peonies look adorable love them too!! wonderful blog, i'm really enjoying it!! :)

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

#1. You're like a genius with the chalkboard get-up.
#2. Those coffee filter flowers are SO fun, gonna check them out :)

Christina said...

I love this so much...and your kitchen is so pretty :)

I featured it on my blog today!:

I pinned it too:

Megan said...

Absolutely love the chalkboard frame! So cute!!

angie on maui said...

I love your chalkboard frame (and a beautiful verse as a reminder, too!). Your mini house tour photos are beautiful; this is totally random, but what color paint did you use on the wall? It's such a pretty shade of green.