Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life in Instagram. {1}

Two posts in one day!
{pats self on back.}

I know I've already mentioned this, 
but J & I had such a good time with his brother & sister-in-law this weekend. 
I think it was the combination of catching up with family we hadn't seen in months, playing tour guides in a city we love, and finally being home & able to relax after many weekends away.
It was so. good.
And here's some of the weekend in Instagram pictures...
because everyone loves a good Instagram post :)

Fresh strawberries for a Friday cookout:: Sleepy pups after a late night up talking with fam:: sleeping in. 'nough said. 

Jersey & Mary, instant bffs:: Brother:: Husky hugs.

You're never too old for Easter baskets! {or really late Christmas gifts :D}:: Green tea has been fueling my overnight shifts this week:: The {foreclosed} house next door just went on the market! Come onnnn good neighbors!

Finishing my Easter candy= sad day:: Finishing my LAST GRAD SCHOOL PAPER EVER= awesome. 

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MzJessicaxo said...

all these instagram posts make me want an iphone so bad!
Love the pics girlie! :)