Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday's letters. {1}

Dear blogworld:: I realize I didn't blog much this week. And I also realize I'm ok with that! Sorry 'boutcha.
Dear grad school:: If you want to go ahead and hurry up these last few weeks of our relationship, that'd be ok. Its been nice, but it'll be even nicer to say goodbye to you! {No offense.}
Dear Indianapolis:: I understand that spring is the optimal time to start road construction projects. But really, did you have to place 3 of those DIRECTLY on my route to work everyday? Really? Give a girl a break.
Dear job interviewer:: You should already start planning to hire me. So that way, if I act a fool in my interview with you next week you won't even consider not hiring me even though I seem craycray. MMk? Go draft those job offer papers.
Dear weekend:: Getchoself ready. We're going to have an awesome time.
Dear camera:: Getchoself ready too! You're joining me, the weekend, the hubs, and my brother & sister in-law for some good times starting at 5pm tonight!
Dear pillow:: I've missed you. And I bet you've missed me too, huh? Well, I'm about to make up for some serious lots time with some major sleeping in and day naps since the weekend is coming and next week I'm working all after-hours shifts. It'll just be me & you, pillow. And lots of sleeping involved.

And finally...

Dear Jersey:: {my dog, not the state} Your Uncle Matt and Aunt Mary are driving alllll the way from NJ to hang out with us for the weekend. I'd reallllly appreciate it if you didn't do any of the following:
-ferociously attack them as they walk in the door
-bite them
-hide in a corner shaking of fear for their entire visit
-anxiously pace the house all weekend
-release your anal glands out of fear {you did this one time. Remember how much it sucked for us? Seriously, Jersey, seriously.}
Sound reasonable? Just be the sweet puppy you are when its just your dad & I. And we'll give lots of pb and long walks. And maybe a bit of benadryl to take the edge off for you? Yes, we'll do that, too! Love you, Jers!

It's been a pretty crazy week past few weeks, and I'm so excited for this weekend!
What are you plans?



Emily grapes said...
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lori said...

hahah i love your letter to the interviewer. i had an interview last week, so i know how you feel!